Types of Membership 

The main categories of Membership are: 

  1. Full Membership, which is open to any member of the legal or a related profession. The Council may defer or decline any application for membership. 
  2. Associate Membership: This provides a form of membership with lower membership dues. 
  3. Student Membership, which is open to interested graduate students of family law and related disciplines, at no cost for three years (total). Apply directly to the Secretary-General or Treasurer by sending a membership application and writing on the line for “dues payment” the words: “Application for free three-year graduate student membership for graduate family law students.” 

There is also the possibility of Institutional Membership, which is open to interested organizations at the discretion of, and on terms approved by, the Council.  Please contact the Secretary-General for information (through admin@isflhome.org).  Honorary Membership may be offered to distinguished persons by decision of the Executive Council.  


Korea Regional Conference, 2013
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