Past Conferences

Online world conference

Beunos Aires26/08/2020 - 28/08/2020
FAMILY LAW AND CRISIS – GOING THROUGH PANDEMICS This online conference will explore the effects of the pandemic in various fields of family law. The Call for Papers is here.     ...More Details

Women and Property - International Colloquium

Dakar16/03/2020 - 18/03/2020
The struggle of women has long been confined to the family sphere, thus opposing them to their husband or their father if not their brothers. Women now understand that the struggle must be waged for their active participation in economic development in the context of globalization. The African woman is not going to be left behind. She certainly aspires to overcome barriers and claims economic rights in the family unit but also in society as a who ...More Details

Children's Rights and Interests

Israel - The Academic Center for Law and Science, Hod Hasharon Israel (near Tel-Aviv).9/12/2019 - 10/12/2019
Registration is now open on the Israeli site that you can access here. Please use that site, not the ISFL one. The conference will mark the upcoming 30th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (in November 2019)    The adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in November 1989, the first international instrument which recognized children as rights bearers, was seen by ma ...More Details

Family as the Crucible of Culture and Society: Inequality, Vulnerability, and Justice within the Family

University of Illinois Discovery Partners Institute13/06/2019 - 14/06/2019
Please see the call for papers here. Register This conference takes place at an important cultural moment in which the status of women in the United States and elsewhere are getting renewed attention. We stand at the cusp of the 40th anniversary of CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and we are nearing the 50th anniversary of the International Society of Family Law. ...More Details

The influence of international human rights bodies on the evolution of national family and children law

Strasbourg4/05/2018 - 5/05/2018
Place : Strasbourg, Faculty of Law, Strasbourg Université (1, place d’Athènes, Strasbourg, France).     Subject :  “The influence of international human rights bodies on the evolution of national family and children law”   For transports : there is a well served airport in Strasbourg. It also may be easy to land at Paris and to go to  « Gare de l’Est » railway ...More Details

North American Regional Conference: Inequality and the Future of Family Law

University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, Minnesota27/04/2018 - 28/04/2018
For details about the conference and to register, click here. Theme: At a time of increasing inequality, families – and legal assumptions about families – are increasingly growing apart. The likelihood of marriage, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, access to fertility clinics, residential and relationship stability increasingly reflects differences in income, education, race, region and religion. In response, family law has become more ...More Details

16th ISFL World Conference: Family Law and Family Realities

Amsterdam25/07/2017 - 29/07/2017
The 16th World Conference of the International Society of Family Law, ‘Family Law and Family Realities’, took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 25 July to 29 July 2017 at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. The Conference was dedicated to the subject whether existing national family laws adequately reflect the rapidly changing realities of family life. In various parts of the world both academic lawyers and practitioners are n ...More Details

North American Regional Conference: Family Realities and Family Law

Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming22/05/2016 - 24/05/2016
Theme: Family law aims to address the realities of family life.  But the past half century has witnessed profound changes in family form, gender roles, and relational ideals.  Family law has, of course, changed during this period as well.  But has it changed in the right way?  Are the changes adequate to optimally promote family equity, harmony, and stability?  The conference theme was intended to be inclusive, extending ...More Details

Chongqing Regional Conference

Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, China23/10/2015 - 23/10/2015
Family Law and Family Justice in the 21st Century: Practice and Reform.  This conference was held in October 2015 at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, China, and organised by Prof. Chen Wei. For the call for submissions, please click here. ...More Details

Caribbean Regional Conference

Nassau, The Bahamas19/11/2014 - 21/11/2014
OUR CHILDREN, AN ENDANGERED SPECIES: This Conference invited family law and related academics and practitioners to examine the progress made in protecting children’s rights, identify the risks to which children remain susceptible and share experiences of innovative laws, practices and policies which seek to advance children’s rights.       ...More Details

15th World Conference

Reclife, Brazil6/08/2014 - 9/08/2014
The XVth ISFL World Conference was held at the Regional Federal Tribunal in Recife, Brazil, August 6-9, 2014.  The theme was Family Law – Universalities and Singularities.  It was convened by Prof. Giselle Groeninga. The program is here. Papers and powerpoints are available here. An edited collection of papers is freely available in pdf format here. ...More Details

Israel Conference 2014

Sha'arei Mishpat Law School, Hod Hasharon, Israel2/01/2014 - 3/01/2014
This regional conference was held in Israel, from January 2-3 2014. The theme was International Family Law with Emphasis on the Work of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The conference marked the 30th anniversary of the entry into force of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction in December 1983. The convenor was Prof. Rhona Shuz.  For a report of the conference see here. ...More Details

Asian Regional Conference 2013

Seoul, South Korea1/10/2013 - 2/10/2013
This Regional Conference was held in Seoul, Korea on October 1st and 2nd 2013. The conference was organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seoul Family Court and the 30th Anniversary of the Korean Women's Development Institute. The theme of the conference was Family Law, Family Court, Family Policy in a Changing World.  The conference convenor was Prof. Jinsu Yune. ...More Details

North American Regional Conference 2013

Brooklyn Law School, New York6/06/2013 - 8/06/2013
The 2013 North American Regional Conference of the ISFL was held on June 6-8 at Brooklyn Law School in New York.  The theme was Fostering Family Harmony:  Principles and Practices. The call for papers noted: “Whether families are intact or separated, family harmony is strongly associated with private and public benefits.   Both children and adult partners experience health, wealth, and happiness benefits from family harmony. ...More Details

North American Regional Conference 2012

University of Iowa, Iowa14/06/2012 - 16/06/2012
The 2012 North American Regional Conference of the ISFL, co-sponsored by the Midwest Consortium on Family Law, took place at the University of Iowa on June 14-16, 2012. The theme was Sustaining Families: Global and Local Perspectives. The conference convenor was Prof. Ann Laquer Estin. ...More Details

14th World Conference 2011

Lyon, France19/07/2011 - 23/07/2011
The 14th World Conference of the Society was held in Lyon, France from July 19th-23rd 2011. The theme was Generation solidarities. The conference convenor was Prof. Hugues Fulchiron. The conference theme was explained in the following terms: “Today, increasing life expectancy, geographic mobility, and labor-market entry barriers all contribute both to the decline of the traditional family and the rise of new family forms. The traditional ex ...More Details

Regional Conference 2011

Nassau, The Bahamas17/03/2011 - 19/03/2011
The Caribbean Regional Conference was held in Nassau, The Bahamas, from March 17-19 2011, and jointly hosted by the Council of Legal Education and the Eugene Dupuch Law School. The theme was The Legal And Social Consequences Of the Disintegration And Reconstitution of Families. The conference was convened by Hazel Thompson-Ahye and included a Judicial Officers' Forum. Conference Program ...More Details

ISFL Regional Conference, Japan, 2010

University of Tsukuba, Japan7/11/2010 - 7/11/2010
The theme of this conference was Reconstitution of Modern Families: Recent Developments in Asian Family Law. The notice explained: “Families in Asian countries are facing with challenges of their reconstitution resulting from: Disintegration of the family due to personal factors such as divorce; Social factors such as changes in economic activity such as redundancy and transfers as well as political factors such as war; and N ...More Details

Regional Conference on the UNCRC, Northern Ireland

University of Ulster18/06/2010 - 20/06/2010
The theme of this ISFL Regional Conference was The Children’s Convention at 21: The Rights of the Child Come of Age? The aim was to examine the significance, scope and practical impact of the 1989 Convention as it reached this milestone age. Senior members of the judiciary who addressed delegates over the course of the weekend included the Right Hon. Sir Declan Morgan (The Lord Chief Justice), Justice Gemma Loughran of the Northern Irelan ...More Details

North American Regional Conference 2010

University of Missouri-Kansas City3/06/2010 - 5/06/2010
This regional conference was a combined meeting of the North American Regional Conference of the International Society of Family Law and the Midwest Family Law Consortium. The theme was When Worlds Collide: Tensions In Family Law. It was held at  the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. The program is here. The abstracts are here. ...More Details

XIIIIth World Conference, 2008

Vienna, Austria16/09/2008 - 20/09/2008
The 13th World Conference was held in Vienna from September 16-20, 2008, with the theme of Family Finances. The conference was organised under under the auspices of Dr. Heinz Fischer, Federal President of the Republic of Austria, and in cooperation with the Austrian Lawyers Association. The convenor was Prof. Dr. Bea Verschraegen of the University of Vienna.   ...More Details
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