The Society regularly publishes three publications: the International Survey of Family Law, the ISFL Family Letter, and books of ISFL World Conference proceedings. All members receive the first two with payment of membership dues, and then may purchase the third at a significant discount. 
Twice a year, in March and September, the Society publishes its Newsletter, The ISFL Family Letter. The Newsletter contains reports on the official activities of the Society, announcements of conferences and activities of interest to members, and notification of recent publications about family law, contributed by members of the Society. The Newsletter is published by Prof Margaret F Brinig, of the College of Law, Notre Dame University, Law School, Box 780, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA. A Directory of Members of the Society also is available to all members. Copies may be obtained from the Treasurer.
After every world conference, an edited collection of papers is published.  For further details click here.
The International Survey of Family Law can be purchased from Jordan Publishing here.
Recife Conference Papers are now available here.


Solidarities between Generations, the latest conference book from the ISFL
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