The International Survey of Family Law

The International Survey of Family Law is an annual review of developments in family law across the word, covering the full range of family law issues. Each edition contains over 20 individual country reports from several continents, written by leading academics and family law experts. Each article is accompanied by a French language abstract.

Full members automatically receive a hard copy of the Survey as part of their membership benefits. Others may purchase the Survey directly from the publishers.

The current editor of the Survey is Professor Margaret Brinig, University of Notre Dame, USA.

Since 1995, the Survey has been published by Jordans Publishing, UK (part of LexisNexis).

Past editors include Dr Andrew Bainham, Cambridge, UK and Professor Michael Freeman, University College London, UK. The precursor of the current Survey, The Annual Survey of Family Law, was published from 1985-1995 in the University of Louisville Journal of Family Law, USA.


Former President Bea Verschraegen, University of Vienna
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